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Amiss Among Meditations

Everyone else has profound titles...

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1984, a few good men, adventures, alaska, anarchy, angels and demons, architecture, astronomy, atheism, australia, backpacking, banana boats, barenaked ladies, batman begins, beaches, ben folds, biking, blink, boating, boston, campfires, canada, changing the world, climbing things, clue, coffee, colorado, cool people, cosmology, countdown w/ keith, crash, curry, czech, dancing (badly), dave matthews band, death cab for cutie, debates, deserts, desserts, dreams, dutch blitz, eating, eggnog, ender's game, environmentalism, eric hutchinson, europe, evolution, explosions, fahrenheit 451, faraway places, fire, fireworks, fourteeners, friends, gelato, glaciers, gladiator, golfing, grammar, hairspray, harry potter, hiking, history, honey crisps, hoodwinked, incense, into the wild, italian, italians, italy, jason mraz, jumping off things, kodi (my dog), lake powell, languages, laughing, learning new things, listening to the surf, lollicup, loreena mckennitt, love, mighty max, mocking people, mountains, music, national parks, oceans, on bullshit, once, other dogs, paragliding, patagonia, patch adams, pbs, photography, pie, pink martini, pirates of the carribean, politics, psychology, puddles, questions, rain, reading, religion, road trips, rollercoasters, running at sea level, salted granny smiths, scenery, seinfeld, showers, skiing, skydiving, skyscrapers, sleeping, sobe liz blizz, spelling, star gazing, sunrises, sushi, symphonies, tea, the alchemist, the bourne identity, the celestine prophecy, the decemberists, the discovery channel, the end of faith, the future, the god delusion, the hot zone, the incredibles, the kite runner, the lovely bones, the office, the prestige, the shins, the usual suspects, tolerance, tommy boy, trampolines, transformers, traveling, tying my shoes, utah, water skiing, wedding crashers, whistling